Ready-to-use Service

Package properly stabilized at the time you need.

Our customers receive Shield Box and Shield Box Max ready-to-use, enabling processes and assuring high quality standard.



Cutting costs by optimizing spaces previously designed to storage and package preparation.

Operational efficiency

It does not require qualified handling (labor) and it enables logistic integrated to ready-to-use package supply.


It minimizes risks with undesirable temperature excursions due to package assembly and stabilization process failures.

Service Characteristics

Customized Service

Previously matured packages for every transport specificity.

Integrated Logistic

Ready-to-use package supply, optimizing the logistic process

Space Optimization

It is not necessary to build or dedicate chilling chambers for PCM panel maturation.

Matured PCM Plates

Already matured PCM plates at the temperature required for project and transportation.


See also!

Shield Box

Shield Box is thermal package development, adding efficiency, technology and sustainability to your project.

Shield Box Max

Shield Box Max is the optimal thermal package for long-term transports without temperature excursions due to external environment interferences.

Service Ready-To-Use

Package properly stabilized at the time you need.


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