Our commitment with sustainability

Shield Company develops technology for the best thermolabile logistic solutions, along with more sustainable development in all your operation.

Our essence stands out since the beginning due to the thought aimed at sustainability, as we understand that, in the past, economic development and environment preservation were not closely linked. Looking ahead, we believe in a future in which man and nature live in harmony, still searching for technological development. Based on such view, we work at present in two major fronts: we work to reduce the disposal of harmful waste to the environment, possible due to Shield Box, our high performance reusable thermolabile package innovation. In the second front, in line with our look towards the future, we believe in initiatives that are responsible for Brazilian biome maintenance and expansion and we translate, today, this duty through the partnership with SOS Mata Atlântica in the Program 1 Milhão De Mudas [1 Million Seedlings] (soon).


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